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Robert Hall & Associates Presents

How to Vet your Passive Investments!

Tuesday, July 11th 2017
Check-in: 6:30 pm
Seminar: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 


We will be discussing the levels of acceptable risk vs the levels of reward and how to avoid the downside in CashFlow deals and other investments.

As investors we need to understand our own personal level of risk for our investments so that our choices are based in a strong foundation verse forever chasing double digit returns without understanding the risks involved.

Topics include:

  • Identify the top 3 red flags when looking at a deal.
  • Have the tools needed to vet a deal properly.
  • Know the right questions to ask.
  • Should we be looking at Out of State Deals?
  • Understand the "Utilization of Capital" formula.

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TONY WATSON,  EA,  Robert Hall & Associates 

 -Tony Watson personally manages clients with over $50 million in real estate holdings and consults with over 30 property flipping companies. He has spoken for over a hundred different trade organizations throughout the state of California. Tony is a federally  licensed tax practitioner who can advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and any other entity with tax-reporting requirements. (

ROBERT ORFINO ,  FOUNDER  of  Alpine Premier Investments

 - Born and raised in New Jersey, Robert spent countless summers on the Jersey Shore. When not vacationing, Robert worked with his father doing construction. In 2012, Robert took an opportunity to work on flipping homes for private investors. During this time, he flipped almost 200 different homes. Robert continued to work in the So-Cal Real Estate Market until 2014 when it made a major comeback and deals became scarce. By 2015, Robert sought out a market gap for flipping houses in New Jersey, the number one foreclosure state in the country at the time, and proactively assembled a team to build business back up again. Although the market had been tumultuous for quite some time, Robert saw an opportunity to raise capital for the New Jersey and New York Real Estate Markets and founded a Distressed Real Estate Investor Fund. Today, Robert spends his time revitalizing distressed markets, mentoring real estate investors, and speaking to entrepreneurs across the country about his personal journey and what he has learned along the way. 


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