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Robert Hall & Associates Presents

How To Increase Your Business's Sellable Value 71%

Saturday, March 2nd 2019
Check-in: 10:00 am
Seminar: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm 


Whether you're looking to sell now or not for years, you want to get the most value from your business you can create. Rick sold his company for 3.2 times EBITDA on $26M in annual sales. Yet, Jill got $38M for her $11M company. You need to know what made the difference for these 2 small businesses so you spend your time and energy on the area of your company that result in the greatest 'value'.

8 specific value drivers determine that value and sales 'readiness'. Brokers and buyers are using them to decide whether to look at a business, and what's it's worth. Bankers use those same factors to decide what banking tools they'll offer you, and at what rates.

An owner who is “ready” with an attractive, stable, scalable business greatly increases the odds that the business can successfully transition ownership.

Learn from Linda Feinholz, business growth strategist and value builder. 

For over 20 years she has helped businesses from $1M-$30M increase their value so they can magnetize offers

During this presentation you'll learn in detail:

  • Why less than 15% of businesses ever get a written offer
  •  How to increase a received offer up to 71% over an 'average' business
  •  The priority strategies that need your attention before you decide to sell
  • How to identify your company's value and 'sale readiness' right now
  • & more!

NOTE: Go to and take the 100% confidential questionaire. Linda Feinholz will bring your private score results with her to give you at the seminar!






Tony Watson personally manages clients with over $50 million in real estate holdings and consults with over 30 property flipping companies. He has spoken for over a hundred different trade organizations throughout the state of California. Tony is a federally  licensed tax practitioner who can advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and any other entity with tax-reporting requirements. (

LINDA FEINHOLZ,  President,  Feinholz Inc. - Business Consulting

Linda Feinholz has over 20 years experience serving domestic and international clients who face complex management challenges.  She provides the knowledge and experience critical to solving client’s evolving business needs.
She brings her foundational vision of effective leadership, management and teamwork training to the varied markets of packaged goods, professional services, manufacturing, technology and entertainment.

Her particular expertise includes:
Identifying critical success factors for new business development efforts.
Evaluating cultural and operational effectiveness of existing systems Guiding infrastructure development, process redesign and streamlining Facilitating management retreats, brainstorming sessions, staff training.
Fostering change as a management coach and as interim management.
As needed, Linda brings together unique teams of professionals from the business, technical and creative communities to address her clients’ issues.

Linda’s recently published book BREAKTHROUGH: The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners about how business owners can take their companies to the next level, is now available in Hardcover and Kindle at


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